Monday, Oct 17 | 10:44 PM

We need to talk about The Engaging Educator

Many of you may have already taken part in one of our workshops brought to you by The Engaging Educator. Jen Brown, their founder and director, has been partnering with Input Lofts for quite some time. The Engaging Educator teaches improv as a tool for strengthening communication, presentation, and social skills. Since their inception in 2012, they’ve taught 25,000 students in over 30 states and have worked with companies like Time Warner, Bloomberg, Viacom, SfMoMA, and Hyatt. The Engaging Educator also has branches in North Carolina and California. They don’t just help businessmen and women improve their presentation skills, though, they also work with women, at-risk teens, and people on the autism spectrum.

Our partnership with the Engaging Educator has spanned years, but we initially connected through their work at The Brooklyn Brainery. Jen says their favorite thing about hosting workshops at Input Lofts is the people. “The people in the space and the people the classes attract – they are so dynamic, energetic and hardworking. Each of our classes and locations draws different kinds of people, and the folks at Input are always amazing,” she enthuses.

We can attest that their workshops are a lot of fun. Their team subscribes to the belief that we “we learn by doing.” Jen explains, “Much like going to the gym for your brain, we’re all about making personal and professional development fun and exciting, and useful. We’ve all taken a class that’s not worth it – and we aren’t that class. More than anything, people say it was so much more than they expected!”

If you haven’t yet taken a class with the Engaging Educator, please check them out. You’ll improve your speaking skills and listening, practice positive risk taking and initiative, and work on honing your attention and focus. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try something new that will help you in both your personal life and your professional career. Needless to say, we’re big fans at Input Lofts.