Thursday, Sep 17 | 3:04 PM

We need to talk about Kelley Louise

Meet Kelley Louise. She’s a recent addition to the Input Lofts family. Although she calls herself a freelancer, she’s really more of a multitalented boss, as she runs two sister organizations that focus on travel and social impact. Her digital marketing agency, The Culture Collective, has a unique and crystal clear vision: to use the travel industry as a force of change in the world. Her nonprofit, Travel+SocialGood, shares that vision and works to bring the global community together via travel and sustainable tourism.

After majoring in journalism, Kelley’s first job out of college was in Uganda at a sustainable tourism company, in which a portion of their proceeds funded a local medical facility. So while we all were having emotional breakdowns and floating around the pool full of ennui a la The Graduate, Kelley was busy making a difference in the world. When the summer was over, she decided she’d hop around Europe on her way back home. Naturally, she started a travel blog. And that travel blog grew and grew until it developed into her current projects.

Kelley believes that it’s time to change the way we think about sustainable tourism. It’s so often considered niche or a part of ecotourism, while the majority of working people just want to go on a vacation to escape and relax. But travel connects us with the global community and if you open up your mindset, you’ll see that travel and sustainable tourism is really just a facet of a larger lifestyle. It’s about making a difference through everyday actions, so Kelley built two organizations geared towards that message.

We’re excited to welcome Kelley to the Input Lofts community, and so far, she’s loving it here. She found her way here through a program called All Good Work, which sets up subsidized spots at coworking spaces for eligible candidates working in the nonprofit sector. Because of our desirable location and artsy community, Kelley chose Input Lofts. She says that she’s grateful to not have to work from home anymore and loves sharing an office with everyone at Input Lofts.