Tuesday, Nov 17 | 12:52 PM

We need to talk about Allison Berlin

Meet Allison Berlin. She’s the fashion maven of the Input Lofts family. Her company, Style Made Simple, is a fashion styling consultancy that specializes in working with private individuals and press outlets. Allison explains, “We wardrobe our clients for special events, seasonal lifestyle and photography/press appearances.” They’re also developing a curated accessories collection, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Allison has spent her entire career in the fashion industry, concentrating mostly on styling for advertising and television. She had a bigger vision though; she wanted to give every individual the styling opportunities of her current clients. “I just thought it would be so amazing if an individual could benefit from the same professional eye and expertise of a trained stylist that all celebrities, models and publications do. Imagine being able to take on each day as your best self.  It could prove to be a very powerful tool,” says Allison. That’s how Style Made Simple was born.

After finding us online and then visiting us IRL, Style Made Simple decided to make Input Lofts their home. Allison loved the open loft space free of cubicles. She also loved the relaxed community vibe: “Since I don’t work in a traditional way it seemed like a good fit at the time, and several years later it still is!” Her favorite part of being a member is working with Dakota, or as she stresses, “working FOR Dakota.” In all seriousness, though, she’s thankful for the supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs.

And for you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Allison has some sage advice: “Running your own venture takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication. Nothing is handed to you, you have to create it all yourself. So be truly and completely passionate about what you do.” Stay stylish, friends.