Wednesday, Nov 17 | 8:09 PM

How To Use Coworking As A Powerful Networking Tool

So you just got yourself a sweet membership at your local coworking spot. Congrats! You no longer have to work out of the coffee shop on the corner or from your couch in your pajamas. That’s success, people! You must be doing something right so give yourself a gold star. One of the biggest benefits of moving to a coworking space is the potential for organic networking. Working alongside other entrepreneurs and dreamers will open you up to a whole new group of contacts that could benefit your career in many unexpected ways. You may feel awkward at first trying to socially navigate your new coworking space, but don’t be. At Input Lofts, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration and communication. Here are our top two tips for getting the most out of networking in a coworking space.

#1 Be Friendly

Be open and friendly with everyone you come into contact around the coworking space. You’ll have to be a little bit social if you want to get the most out of the experience. Ask your new officemates questions— find out what they do, how long they’ve been working there, where the best sushi place to order lunch is— anything that will strike up a conversation. Simply interacting with the other members is key. It’s the foundation of organic networking. The more you get to know everyone, the more likely partnerships, mentorships, and connections will form in the future.

#2 Share Your Own Skills

If you’re looking to network and potentially collaborate, you have to be open to sharing your own unique set of skills and knowledge. Be open about what you do and what your strengths are around the office. Let everybody know that you are enthusiastic about sharing your talents and experiences. Offer help if someone mentions they are struggling or if they want to know more about your field. Put in the work and you’ll get it back when you end up needing help or advice. A partnership can often be born out of offering to help or guide when needed. Work trades are popular options for starting companies and businesses. You might be able to help someone with one thing and they, in turn, help you with something. Coworking spaces are ripe with mutually beneficial opportunities.