Friday, Mar 11 | 11:46 AM

Brain Technology: How Well Do You Know Your Brain?

The human race has constantly developed tools to make better use of the world and generate new economic platforms. From fire, flints, assembly line, to technology we have been incredibly agile at innovating and moving towards more advancement. In our observations, our brain is the latest tool we need to develop and understand to move towards a new area of economy and enlightenment.  This is the core of brain technology, learning how to use our brain to its potential. When was the last time you questioned how your brain forms thoughts or ideas? Or are there things that you can do to make better use of your brain? Did you know that zone one part of the brain can only take in 40 items per minute, whilst zone 2 can take in millions? Or did you know that it only takes 90 seconds for a neurochemical to flood the entire blood stream? These two facts seem irrelevant to business, but if you are only using the zone 1 of your brain to create ideas or solve problems, you will only produce patterned ideas rather than building new neurological circuits. Building new circuits and delving into zone 2 generates better solutions thus allowing us to better business strategists. Or take the second fact, if we are constantly releasing dopamine over and over, we stop the brain from strategic thinking, however if you don’t release enough your brain does’t have the energy to create conceptual thought. Knowing our own brain technology helps us make better use of our potential, which is what we need right now; we need better visionaries, thinkers, and innovators. When you look at disasters like Japan, the economic crisis, the economic state of Detroit, it is not the use of old knowledge that will lead us to better answers, it is the understanding of our brain. After all the brain governs everything, how we think, how we articulate thought, how we interact with others, our ideas, and ultimately how we do business. The solutions are always there, it is just learning how to use the amazing technology inside our heads that is missing.

How Do We Do It Every tool that IEA develops for innovation and business strategy uses brain technology. Our tools are new and are constantly being questioned, observed, and developed. This is to ensure tools are fresh, relevant, and innovative. First Stage We spend 3 weeks studying research from brain synapses, circuitry, diseases, neurochemicals, etc. Second Stage We extrapolate the knowledge and create tools for business and innovation. Third Stage We experiment with the new tools during PLATYPUS and refine them. Fourth Stage We use give the tools to our members in our spaces and to our corporate clients

How Is It Deployed We deploy our brain technology through our collaborative workspace in London and soon in our innovation workspace in New York.