Year in Review: 2016

2016 was not the greatest year – I think we can all agree.  Across the country, it was a sandstorm that wouldn’t stop and no matter how hard you tried to protect yourself, you still ended up with red, irritated eyes full of grit and tiny, angry pock marks all over your body.  Somehow Input Lofts found a sturdy tent and was able to take shelter and have a productive and pretty great 2016.  Our sincerest apologies to those of you still hurting. 

The biggest highlight of our year was our name change.  On August 10th, we said goodbye to our identity as WECREATE NYC and began our new life as Input Lofts.  Founder Daniel stated the name change as being “a reaction to what we have learned and the new direction we want to take.”  The space is being transformed—we want to be louder and more expressive.  Input Lofts is home to a wide array of creative, innovative, and hardworking small businesses and individuals, and we’re changing the direction of the space to reflect that.  Embarking on this new journey as Input Lofts also reflects and cements our partnership with Input Creative Studio, Brooke’s and Yiannos’s design firm.  As we continue to expand, we hope to make more partnerships in the coming year.

Along with the name change came some amazing upgrades to the space that our members have been enjoying.  We now offer permanent desk options with storage so you don’t have to lug your belongings and vital business weapons back and forth from the office.  There are also new chairs for the workstations and new tables and chairs for the banquette.  We installed some new technology, including two Electronic Object screens, video conference equipment, and a larger screen in the boardroom.  Another buzz worthy addition was the Luxbeverage coffee maker, so you can continue to fuel your caffeine addiction.  The space now boasts a really cool mural by Mete.Design in the entrance, so your Instagram “#werk” posts will make you look like a more interesting person because you work in an inherently more interesting space than your Insta-friends.  We’re also more dog-friendly!  In addition to the lovely resident Dakota, Remi and Cricket like to spend time working with their mamas in the office.  Feel free to chat with Daniel to arrange when you can bring your pooch to work.

Our other big highlight of 2016 was the Project Picnic benefitting the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  This collaboration between Input Creative Studio and Ronald McDonald House is an event where designers are invited to create unique, one-of-a-kind picnic baskets that are sold for charity.  Input Lofts hosted the Kick Off Party in August and donated our own picnic basket.  Many of our members participated as well.  Nigel Sielegar of Corse Design Factory donated a picnic basket and designed blocks to be purchased for charity.  Mete Erdogan of Mete.Design designed all of the marketing materials.  Jin Kang of Lapis also donated a picnic basket, and of course, Brooke and Yiannos of Input Creative Studio helmed the entire project and donated a picnic basket.  Project Picnic was held on November 6th and raised $40,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  We’re so grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to give our time and resources to those in need and look forward to continuing this tradition into 2017.