Wednesday, Feb 12 | 11:49 AM

Brooklyn Plans X Input Lofts

Kristen Euretig of Brooklyn Plans is a relatively new addition to the Input Lofts family. She’s quickly becoming the smarter, older sister we all need who can help answer all of our life – ahem, finance – questions. Kristen is the founder of Brooklyn Plans, a financial planning practice that caters to young professionals. While working in the financial industry, she noticed a severe lack of available and accessible financial planning services for New Yorkers in their twenties and thirties. There are practices that service high profile, high net worth clients and others that help low income clients, but there was nothing for the in between clients – those of us who are working hard to accumulate our wealth but are nowhere near having a yacht and McMansion to our name. A lot of financial planners only want to work with people who already have a certain number of assets, but you need proper guidance to make that money. Have no fear, Kristen is here to help us all! If Oprah had the chance to meet her, she’d probably get her own show to help the masses, but lucky for us New Yorkers we can meet with her in our own city and start getting advice right away.

  • When she began to present at coworking spaces
  • Kristen found that Input Lofts really stood out.
  • She had wanted to reach the young professionals

where they already were, and Daniel was eager to collaborate with her. Kristen has already hosted two workshops in the space on personal finance, and more will be dotting the calendar in the spring as tax season swells.

She was impressed with the Input Lofts crowd; we’re a diverse, interesting, and multicultural group with careers in a wide variety of industries. She liked us, guys! She really liked us! As great as we are though, we still need help maintaining and growing our wealth. There isn’t a grasp on the basics in our generation, and a lot of us need help managing finances on a daily spending level. Kristen educates and guides so that as we learn, we can be in a position to save and grow our wealth and assets.

  1. Kristen also has some great tips
  2. for people working in coworking spaces like Input Lofts.
  3. Since most of us are freelancers or self-employed,

our income isn’t as clear as someone who is salaried. She advises that we be sure to check our income before beginning to track our expenses.

It’s important to know what’s flowing in before we tackle what’s leaving our wallets. Once we have a solid understanding of our income, we can focus our energy and time better on those clients that are the best paying. It’s important to know which clients to pursue and which aren’t worth our time. Kristen also stresses how imperative it is to save for taxes – don’t get caught by surprise!She recommends using an app like Painless 1099, which links to your bank account and separates your tax money automatically when you make a deposit.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next workshop, and in the meantime check out on the web and follow @brooklynplans on social media. Get connected, join the mailing list, and consider a subscription!  If you’re curious to learn more about the process of financial planning, you can book a free 15-minute phone consultation with Kristen on the Brooklyn Plans website!