Our Story

We were born out of our sister space, THECUBE, in London. THECUBE was opened in 2009, after we realized coworking was going to be a new product of the recession. We looked to the future of business and the global economy and believed that coworking was going to be an essential part of a new creative infrastructure. While people were struggling to recuperate their finances and grow their careers, some motivated individuals managed to create new businesses and endeavors, and we wanted to be a part of their support system.

Our first year at THECUBE was a whirlwind. It was a big hit, and we wanted to expand our community. We believed we could replicate THECUBE’s success and bring coworking to new markets, so we ventured to New York City to explore this possibility. It immediately struck us that NYC was a perfect fit for our next coworking space. We opened Input Lofts on May 1st of 2011, and since the beginning, we have housed several small businesses, startups, outposts, and freelancers. Our community continues to grow, and we hope you’ll join our movement.

Mission Statement

We aim to be a haven for people who are making their dreams come true and doing what they love, whether they be industry disruptors, tech startups, individual freelancers, or artists. At Input Lofts, we are the place where people make real, lasting business connections and find the resources to prosper exponentially. We provide a supportive community that helps people grow and nurture their companies and careers. We want to continue to cultivate a culture of trust, respect, and openness between our members. We will never stop asking questions and sharing ideas. We will continue to collaborate and build our community, so join us now.